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Spanish and Portuguese Versions of Automatic Circuit Recloser Configuration Tools

May 19, 2015
NOJA Power has released Spanish and Portuguese language versions of its Control and Management Software.

NOJA Power has released Spanish and Portuguese language versions of its Control and Management Software. CMS is a configuration tool used with NOJA Power’s OSM range of Automatic Circuit Reclosers and RC10 controllers.

Latin America is an important market for NOJA Power. Several South American governments are encouraging utilities to modernize their electricity infrastructure by adopting smart grids––computerised, bidirectional electricity networks––and NOJA Power’s OSM series ACRs are essential elements of these smart grids. While documentation, user manuals and control panels have featured Spanish and Portuguese support for some time, CMS has only been available in English. With this revision of CMS, NOJA Power’s Latin American customers now have a comprehensive suite of support documentation, software and firmware in their native languages.

NOJA Power Spanish Portuguese CMS

CMS is a configuration tool that allows technicians to upload supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) communications settings to the OSM series ACRs and control the devices. CMS’s main functions include: Uploading event logs to a computer for analysis; running power system simulations for testing purposes; viewing real time and historical system measurements, and configuring protection.

The software has recently been completely revised with a new architecture that suits the working methods of utility technicians who are increasingly reliant on portable- and tablet-computers. CMS now runs seamlessly on Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system (OS) for portable computers and touchscreen devices such as tablet computers. In addition, CMS now supports simple automatic software updates (with the user’s permission) of the CMS package.

CMS has also received a recent further upgrade to facilitate seamless configuration of Relay 1.13’s features. Relay 1.13 is the latest version of the firmware platform for OSM series ACRs.

“NOJA Power is committed to the Latin American market and Spanish support is part of that. It’s a commitment that customers seem to appreciate,” says Juan Jose Navarro, NOJA Power’s Sales Manager for Latin America. “CMS in Spanish will help users more easily understand the software and tools used with the auto-reclosers and will make it easier for utilities to adopt NOJA Power technology.”  

“It’s important for NOJA Power to supply documentation and manuals in Portuguese because Brazilian engineers like to dive into the technical capabilities of the products and that’s difficult to do in a second language,” says Bruno Kimura, NOJA Power’s Managing Director Brazil. “The engineers will be particularly pleased that CMS is now available in Portuguese because it is a powerful software tool for optimizing the performance of NOJA Power’s auto-reclosers.”
“Latin America is an important and expanding market for NOJA Power so I’m pleased to announce, that with this upgrade of CMS, Spanish and Portuguese speaking customers now have complete language support across all documentation, user manuals, software, firmware, control panels and rating plates,” says Neil O’Sullivan, NOJA Power’s Managing Director.

NOJA Power’s OSM series ACRs benefit from the use of a vacuum interrupt and solid dielectric insulator instead of the environmentally unfriendly oil or sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) gas used in sectionalizers and older products. Another key feature of the OSM series is its stainless steel enclosure that forms the only solid dielectric unit with controlled arc venting on the market. The controlled arc venting design is in accordance with the requirements of IEC62271-200 Clause 6.106 and Annex A, and the efficacy of this important safety feature has been tested and verified by independent test laboratories. The OSM series has also been fully type-tested by independent laboratory KEMA in the Netherlands to ensure long life and reliability under the harshest environmental conditions.

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