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Redundancy Solution Helps Substations Deliver the System Availability and Data Integrity

Feb. 17, 2015
PT-G503 "RedBox" is integrated PRP/HSR redundancy box to support Coupling and QuadBox protocols for maximum versatility. 
Maintaining data integrity and the highest system availability are mission-critical objectives for electrical substations. Because their automation systems require zero recovery time redundancy to achieve uninterrupted power supply to end-users, RedBoxes (redundancy boxes) are installed so that network data can be transmitted by two independent active paths simultaneously between systems and distributed devices.
Moxa has introduced its PT-G503-PHR-PTP series of RedBoxes compliant with the new IEC 62439-3 Clause 4 (PRP) and Clause 5 (HSR) standards, thus guaranteeing network security, scalability and interoperability in substations automation networks. In addition to supporting Gigabit, these all-in-one devices support Coupling and QuadBox redundant protocols, helping engineers deploy zero (0 ms) switch-over time networks that are more versatile and efficient with faster error detection. Each box comes with three 10/100/1000BaseT(X) and 100/1000BaseSFP slot combo ports, along with a built-in MMS server, based on IEC 61850-90-4 switch modeling for power SCADA.

In addition to the PT-G503-PHR-PTP RedBox, Moxa is also launching the DA-820 rackmount embedded computer, the world's first native PRP/HSR management server. With the PT-G503 RedBox and DA-820 native PRP/HSR management server, Moxa's PRP/HSR substation solutions can help users collect, analyze, and integrate raw data from various devices on one single management platform, enabling efficient and visualized PRP/HSR network management, and making network diagnosis, troubleshooting, and device condition monitoring easy.

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