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Three-Phase In-Line Power Regulator for Europe and Other IEC Markets

Feb. 2, 2015
New 150 kVA In-Line Power Regulator™ (IPR-150), now deployed in Europe, provides distributed and dynamic control of voltage and power quality

Gridco Systems has launched its new three-phase 150 kVA In-Line Power Regulator™ (IPR-150), currently deployed by a major European utility.

The IPR-150 builds upon the same utility-grade modular power electronics, advanced control algorithms, and distributed networking capabilities of Gridco Systems’ existing single-phase systems to deliver equivalent multi-function capabilities in a three-phase form factor for IEC markets: voltage regulation, reactive power compensation, harmonic cancellation, and power quality monitoring.

The IPR-150 is easy to deploy and is designed for a 25-year, maintenance-free life in outdoor environments. The IPR-150 supports integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into the distribution grid and ensures the delivery of high power quality to end customers. Built on standard utility protocols, such as DNP 3.0, IEC 61850, and secure web services, the IPR-150 seamlessly integrates into existing utility SCADA and DMS systems.

The IPR-150 is the industry’s only three-phase and multi-function hardware system that provides all of these features in a single package:

  • Voltage Regulation: directly regulates load voltage across a wide range (boost and buck, up to 10%) during both forward and reverse power flow
  • Sag/Swell Mitigation: dynamically protects sensitive loads from voltage sags and swells caused by disturbances on the grid or harmful loads
  • Reactive Power Compensation: regulates power factor by dynamically injecting or absorbing reactive power
  • Harmonic Cancellation: corrects source current and load voltage harmonic distortion, up to the 15th order
  • Power Quality Monitoring: provides high-resolution PQ monitoring via integrated voltage and current sensors

Deployed in-line along low-voltage distribution lines, the IPR-150 enables the following applications:

  • Voltage Assurance: dynamically, continuously, and precisely responds to voltage changes on the network, providing consistent voltage delivery to all end customers within regulated limits
  • DER Integration: dynamically manages power fluctuations, such as rapid voltage rise and drop, power factor variations, undesirable harmonics, and changes in power flow, caused by variable residential and utility-scale DER, to reliably maintain power delivery within regulated limits
  • Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Reduction: supports Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) throughout the distribution system to increase system efficiency, lower energy consumption, and reduce peak demand, providing a more predictable Demand Side Management (DSM) resource that does not depend on customer participation
  • Enhanced Power Quality: compensates for voltage sags/swells and harmonics to prevent tripping of sensitive customer equipment, extend customer and utility asset life, and prevent system-wide failures

“We are pleased to expand the portfolio of hardware systems that we offer as part of our emPower Solution,” said Naimish Patel, CEO at Gridco Systems. “We are committed to supporting our utility partners with innovative and cost-effective solutions to help them achieve renewable energy goals while meeting their primary objective of delivering safe, reliable, and affordable power.”

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