Modular Switch Redesigned for Harsh Environments

Dec. 16, 2014
New Features on Hirschmann Modular Switch Enable Easier Installation, Space Savings and Higher Network Availability

Belden Inc. has redesigned its Layer 3 modular Gigabit switch to create a new version, the MSP30-X Modular Switch, which is suited for extreme environments. The switch not only maintains its modular and flexible design, but with enhancements, it saves customers costs and space by offering the ability to be placed near harsh environments.

This Hirschmann switch has a combination of Layer 3 features, including time synchronization for time-critical data and wall-mounting capabilities, bringing new advantages to the industrial market and their ability to keep networks up and running at all times.

“The Gigabit switch’s ability to function in harsh operating areas is a first-time capability for modular switches, like those in Hirschmann’s MSP portfolio,” said Product Manager Vinod Rana. “Previously, Ethernet devices were placed in the control room, and only fixed, configured products could be used in the operations area. Now, customers can have both modularity and flexibility in their networking products and place them into the harsh operations area.”

The features of this product have been designed with customer feedback in mind. Approved by global GL standards for Environmental Category D, the MSP30-X is ideal for engineers, integrators, and plant operators in the power transmission and distribution, wind power, and other hazardous industries.

Some important features of the MSP30-X switch include Precision Time Protocol version 2 for real-time data, Layer 3 routing capabilities for network extensions, an operating temperature range from -40˚C to +70˚C and up to 100 percent relative humidity, and a high number of security features to protect and facilitate maximum network availability. It also has additional brackets for mounting of modules on the main device body and Ethernet cables that can be tightly screwed onto the module using M12 connectors.

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