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Software Helps PacifiCorp Reduce Utah Electrical Power Demand and Increase Grid Reliability

Nov. 17, 2014
Cooper Power Systems has delivered two-way demand response equipment and software as part of a turnkey project to PacifiCorp.

Cooper Power Systems has delivered two-way demand response equipment and software as part of a turnkey project to PacifiCorp. Eaton's technology supports PacifiCorp's Rocky Mountain Power Cool Keeper demand response program, a voluntary initiative that intelligently manages approximately 100 megawatts of power for more than 95,000 Utah residences and businesses. 

"PacifiCorp's innovative demand response system, with its secure, flexible and responsive two-way communications infrastructure, is designed to reduce consumption during peak electrical demand to help reduce costs and improve grid reliability," said Tom Pitstick, vice president and general manager, Energy Automation Solutions, Eaton's Cooper Power Systems division. "With our extensive experience in utility demand response and expansive portfolio of solutions, Eaton has helped PacifiCorp automate, protect and optimize its electrical grid."

Eaton supplied the demand response management software and equipment to replace the Cool Keeper's legacy one-way system. Eaton managed the installation of the network infrastructure (gateways and relays) and worked closely with GoodCents Holdings, Inc., the end device installation contractor for the project. The highly reliable and redundant two-way network allows PacifiCorp to retrieve device run time data, collect accurate measurement and verification, provide asset management, and perform remote firmware updates on every device on the network. The system continuously monitors device connection, communication, and runtime to assist PacifiCorp in knowing the load resource availability and performance.

The Cool Keeper system incorporates Eaton's Yukon software, which connects to demand response devices via Eaton's two-way wireless mesh network. The robust Eaton network simplifies implementation and maintenance resulting in lower total cost of ownership. The solution can also support a range of other smart grid applications, including advanced metering, pre-pay services, voltage monitoring, outage detection and distribution automation. 

The Eaton equipment is designed to work in harmony with the software to forecast available load resources; provides automatic load control based on real-time inputs from external systems and operations; and cycles participating customers' air conditioners – reducing demand for electricity without impacting customer comfort. The project started in the fall of 2013 and is currently deployed and operational. Eaton's solution recently passed PacifiCorp's rigorous system acceptance test and the utility has successfully executed multiple load control events with full result verifications. 

PacifiCorp is one of the West's leading utilities serving 1.8 million customers across 136,000 square miles in six Western states. Pacific Power serves customers in Oregon, Washington and California. Rocky Mountain Power serves customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.


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