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Switchgear with Visible Break Now Available with Multi-way Configurations

Oct. 21, 2014
These new features expand on the existing Trident-S with SafeVu™ product line, which offers integrated visible break and maintenance free no-oil design.

G&W Electric, Inc. announces two additions to its line of solid dielectric Trident-S switchgear with SafeVu™ visible break technology: multi-way configurations and the ability to be automated through the use of motor operators. Trident® solid dielectric switchgear provide load and fault interrupting switching for systems rated through 38 kV, 800 A continuous, 12.5 and 16 kA symmetrical interrupting.


The multi-way option allows individual three-phase Trident switchgear modules to be linked together through a flexible inter-way bus connection. Switch combinations can be designed to match individual application requirements, and there are no limits to the number of ways per switch. Modules may be either fault interrupters or load break switches.

Front access and front/back designs are available, and four-way front-back designs have a footprint that fits on existing pads for easy retrofit.

All switches meet either the IEEE C37.74 or IEEE C37.60 standard.

Automation with Motor Operators

Motor operators permit remote operation using a variety of G&W controls. Integration with well-known relays provides a familiar interface for ease of use by line crews. Motor operators are completely submersible and made from cast 304 stainless steel that is permanently bonded and sealed for maximum corrosion resistance.

The Trident SafeVu switch offers a unique oil-free design in which the contacts open inside a vacuum bottle insulated by a solid dielectric epoxy. Because the contacts are not visible a blade in series with the vacuum bottle provides an integrated visible break. The blade is easily visible through a viewing window molded as an integral part of each module. This makes the Trident with SafeVu ideal for subsurface applications where space and safety practices prevent the linemen from entering the vault to perform these functions.

Unlike switches that provide a visible break using oil as the insulating medium, SafeVu eliminates the risk of oil leaks and their associated maintenance. In contrast to switches that use air as the dielectric, the Trident is fully submersible. The high voltage components are sealed within a strong dielectric epoxy, providing a completely deadfront device that enhances operator safety.

Solid dielectric has many advantages over air, SF6, and oil. It allows for a more compact, environmentally friendly, submersible design, and it eliminates the need for leak inspection and cleanup. Trident SafeVu was the first solid dielectric switchgear to provide a fully integrated visible break solution, and it is the only solid dielectric switchgear that offers a visible break without oil or fluids.

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