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Reliance Serial Data Link for Utility Substations

Oct. 7, 2014
Substation-Rated Serial Data, & TTL Logic Data Link/Repeater introduced as a “Drop-In” replacement for Dymec Serial Data Repeater Products

ComNet has further expanded the Reliance line by introducing the RLFDX Series of substation-rated fiber optic RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 2/4 Wire, & TTL Logic Data Link/Repeater. The ComNet Reliance RLFDX Series of products are a direct replacement for the Garrettcom/Dymec5800 series of serial data over optical fiber products.  The Reliance RLFDX products can be used wherever those products were previously used.

The ComNet Reliance RLFDX links are used in electric utility substations and switchyards, manufacturing plants, roadside/trackside equipment installations and other severe-duty conditions are encountered. The main benefit the RLFDX series provides is to extend transmission distances optically and these products can transmit serial data up to 30Km. A secondary benefit is a high level of electrical isolation as well as enhanced reliability and protection for peripheral IEDs, RTUs, and other equipment.

“There is still a very strong demand for serial data over optical fiber in the power transmission and utility market. When we were researching the products we were going to develop for our Reliance line, we discovered that Garrettcom/Dymecwas discontinuing their 5800 series in the face of still high demand," said Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet President and COO.

“As we choose what products to develop for our Reliance line, it made sense to develop a form, fit and functionally identical product to meet the demand Garrettcom/Dymec has abandoned. We have developed this drop-in ready replacement, are building it here in our Danbury USA facility and, like all ComNet products, are backing it with a lifetime warranty,” Acquarulo concluded.

The ComNet Reliance line was developed specifically to meet the severe-duty requirements of the industrial markets such as electric power transmission and utilities, the factory floor, water treatment and petroleum refining markets and all out-of-plant installations.

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