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Compact Secondary Substation and Retrofit Offering to Enable a Smarter Power Network

June 3, 2014
The UniPack-G range extends ABB’s current UniPack Compact Secondary Substation (CSS) family.

ABB has launched its latest compact secondary substation, UniPack-G and a new retrofit program for relays. The UniPack-G range extends ABB’s current UniPack Compact Secondary Substation (CSS) family. The enclosure is fabricated with a glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) material that has the strength and durability of concrete with the additional benefits of being light like steel and highly weather- resistant. Its weight and robustness advantage will make it easier to transport and position in remote locations and extreme environments. The new CSS will be offered in power ratings of up to 3500 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) and a voltage range of up to 40.5 kV.

The eco-efficient product has a modular design and incorporates smart grid functionalities. It has received internal arc classification for both operators and the public, ensuring the highest level of safety and has been type tested to comply with IEC 62271-202 standards. It is designed for high resistance to corrosion, cold, heat and fire with special provisions for natural ventilation and efficient cooling.

ABB also introduced a new Relay Retrofit Program for simpler product life cycle management, focused on the efficient replacement of selected SPACOM protection relays with modern protection and control relays from the Relion® 615 product series.

There is a global installed base of over 700,000 SPACOM relays. Retrofitting each of these traditionally would take almost one month and would require considerable knowledge and engineering effort of both the existing and the replacement relays. With the launch of this new program, ABB has simplified and accelerated the process substantially, reducing the amount of time needed to only an hour - a fraction compared to the traditional approach. This program will enable customers to schedule and execute the various phases of their retrofit project in a timely manner and will also help minimize downtime.

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