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Corona Cameras For Use in Daytime

Jan. 21, 2014
Ofil has introduced the DayCor UVollé-C, a new line of compact daytime corona cameras.

Ofil Systems has introduced the DayCor UVollé-C, a new line of compact daytime corona cameras. The UVollé-C corona camera series is light in weight, has a slim silhouette and is designed to be comfortable to hold. The camera offers a battery that lasts more than four continuous working hours and a LCD, which works well during outdoor field inspection routines.  The LCD displays vividly corona signals and the emitting sources with indications of the corona severity.

UVollé-C uses a graphical menu with icons that designate functions. The offered list of functions corresponds to those that are needed during UV inspection both indoors and outdoors. A LED flashlight is another innovation implemented in the UVollé-C cameras series. The physical dimensions of the UVollé were found to be most appropriate for inspecting cabinets and switchgears that are typically dark. Effective for up to three meters, the flashlight is Ofil’s special treat that will soon turn out to be a highlight. 

The C series has 2 models: UVollé-SC and UVollé-VC. Both share the same main functions but differ in their ability to capture and play video clips. UVollé-SC stills camera is the best value for price and is an excellent choice for novices who wish to get acquainted with the advantages of UV inspection.  UVollé-VC video camera is an excellent choice of non-destructive testing equipment for predictive and condition based maintenance.

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