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SEL Expands Manufacturing Capabilities to Include Rotary Switches

Oct. 15, 2013
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has released a new rotary switch product family.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has released its new rotary switch product family. In 2010, SEL purchased VoltAmp, a manufacturer of rotary switches. Building on VoltAmp’s 40 years of switch manufacturing experience, SEL has integrated its technology and design standards into the new product line to create the next generation of rotary switches.

This investment in new manufacturing and testing equipment allows SEL to offer versatile and durable switches, and will enable the company to further expand into new areas of manufacturing.

The new rotary switch family includes lockout, breaker control, and selector switches that have been redesigned to increase reliability, security, ease of use, and flexibility while reducing costs and lead times.

“Our customers can rely on SEL’s rugged rotary switches to operate even during digital equipment failure or maintenance,” said Jean Leon Eternod, research and development director for SEL Mexico. “This high reliability is essential for protecting personnel and equipment.”

SEL rotary switches exceed UL, IEEE, and IEC standards. They feature up to 60 double-break contacts on 15 decks, a nominal current of 30 A, and an interrupting current of 8 A @125 Vdc. Other features include configurable labels and captive screws, ergonomic handles, and flexible contact configuration. SEL mon

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