Basicimpulse level deadbreak connector system

BIL Deadbreak System Offering Helps Eliminate Weak Links in Medium-Voltage Systems

Oct. 15, 2013
Cooper Power Systems has launched a complete 35 kV, 200 kV basic impulse level deadbreak connector system.

Cooper Power Systems has launched a complete 35 kV, 200 kV basic-impulse level (BIL) deadbreak connector system. The new system helps eliminate weak links in medium voltage collection and enhances collector reliability, safety and longevity. It is suitable for medium-voltage collector systems (MVCS) on large underground circuits, such as wind and solar farms.

Weak links pose a major threat to renewable energy systems, potentially causing downtime that could result in lost productivity,” said Chris Decker, global product manager, Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems division. “The new system is designed to address these weak links and enable the collector system to operate at full strength, increasing overall system efficiency and reliability.”

Implementing a fully rated, medium-voltage collector system at 200 kV BIL increases the protection against damaging overvoltages and reduces the impact of high-voltage transient events. In comparison to live-front systems, the deadbreak system also helps enhance safety and reduce the overall footprint.

Ideal for renewable energy and data center applications, the complete system now comes equipped to terminate the underground cable and equipment, including tee bodies, insulating plugs, reducing tap plugs and transformer bushings.

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