Hipotronics Integrates FR3 Fluid Into Its Products

May 20, 2013
Hipotronics, Inc. is now a part of the Hubbell Sustainability Initiative (HSI).

Hipotronics, Inc. is now a part of the Hubbell Sustainability Initiative (HSI). HSI represents an enterprise-wide commitment to develop sustainable products and business practices.

Hipotronics has begun implementing sustainable design strategies throughout product development stages and manufacturing processes. The company now integrates Envirotemp FR3 – a natural and earth-friendly ester-based fluid made from renewable vegetable based oil – into the products listed below:
800PL Series: DC Hipots

  • 815PL – 15kV DC Hipot
  • 880PL – 80kV DC Hipot
  • 8120-5PL – 120kV Two Piece DC Hipot
  • 8170-5PL – 170kV Two Piece DC Hipot

HVT Series: Portable AC Hipot Testers

  • 30HVT – 30kV Portable AC Hipot Tester
  • 60HVT – 60kV Portable AC Hipot Tester
  • 100HVT – 100kV Portable AC Hipot Tester
  • 120HVT – 120kV Portable AC Hipot Tester

CF30 – 30kV Primary Cable Fault Locator
CF70 – 70kV Primary Cable Fault Locator
OC90D – Digital Liquid Dielectric Testing Equipment
HD125 – Bench Top Hipot Tester (~0-25kV DC/10kV AC)
HD140 – Bench Top Hipot Tester (~0-40kV DC/15.5kV AC)

With its environmental safety features and high-quality performance characteristics, the new FR3 fluid delivers substantial benefits to Hipotronics customers. Look for the sticker on products.

  • Increased dielectric strength
  • Makes accidents or spills far less costly to businesses
  • Does not contain silicones, halogens, petroleum
  • Extended insulation lifetime
  • Part of the Federal BioPreferred® Program
  • Received Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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