Single-Phase Recloser Control Includes 3 PowerMAX Controls In 1 Cabinet

March 17, 2006
The PowerMAX 130 single-phase recloser control is now available from Joslyn Hi-Voltage

The PowerMAX 130 Single Phase Recloser Control is now available from Joslyn Hi-Voltage.

This recloser control can be used in conjunction with the TriMod 100 single-phase recloser. The control includes three PowerMAX controls integrated into one cabinet for easier field access. This package allows for single-phase trip and three-phase lockout from one central location. Installation is done quickly and easily with less pole clutter.

PowerMAX controls are microprocessor-based. They provide flexibility with data recording capabilities of the 20 most recent events. The standard PowerMAX controls contain no batteries except for a small lithium clock battery to maintain accurate time and date stamping. All programming is done on the keypad--no dip switches or additional components are required.

The control options include trip test button, external lockout indicator, control padlock and 120 or 240 VAC voltage.

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