Single-platform Relay Protects MV to EHV Transmission Lines

Sept. 4, 2007
GE Multilin has unveiled the D90Plus, an advanced protection system and a single-platform solution for the protection of MV to EHV transmission lines.

GE Multilin has unveiled the D90Plus, an advanced protection system and a single-platform solution for the protection of MV to EHV transmission lines. The D90 Plus is a sub-cycle distance relay with true convergence of multiple functions, including advanced automation and control, high accuracy digital fault recording, comprehensive communications and extensive local HMI capabilities. True convergence of functions eliminates the need to have multiple stand-alone devices resulting in significant savings in installation, commissioning, maintenance and life-time costs.

With its innovative dual algorithms, the D90Plus provides a high degree of sensitivity and selectivity for all types of faults, delivering secure and reliable sub-cycle operation for a wide variety of system conditions to improve power system network stability. The dedicated user-programmable high-speed protection logic allows users to customize independent protection and control schemes to meet specific application requirements.

The powerful D90Plus incorporates an advanced automation engine with powerful user-programmable logic that provides millisecond deterministic execution rates, irrespective of program size. The independent programming logic engine (FlexLogic) features math, Boolean and control functions, which may be used for advanced load shedding, load restoration and dynamic volt/var control schemes. By including this advanced automation engine, costs associated with auxiliary components and wiring can be minimized or even avoided.

With a dedicated fast and slow scan disturbance recorder, the D90Plus eliminates the need for dedicated stand-alone recorders. With a high accuracy, 128 samples/cycle multi-channel analogue and digital recorder, virtually all power system transients and long term events can be recorded and viewed. Using GE Multilin’s EnerVista software suite, operators have single-click retrieval to view and analyze the transient waveforms and event records.

The D90Plus includes comprehensive communications features for remote data and engineering access. Supporting standard utility protocols including IEC61850, DNP3.0, IEC60870-5-104 and Modbus TCP/IP, the D90Plus is flexible to use and easy to integrate into new and existing infrastructures. The availability of three independently configurable Ethernet ports provides the means to create fault tolerant communication architectures in an easy, cost-effective manner eliminating the need for intermediate communication hardware.

The new D90Plus provides extensive local HMI capabilities featuring a default annunciator and an optional HMI. The digital annunciator allows users to customize alarms, eliminating the need for separate annunciators in the relay panel. The annunciator panel also provides detailed self-test messages eliminating the need to look at manuals to understand cryptic messages. The intuitive and easy to navigate HMI provides comprehensive display and control functions, delivering rich data visualization including metering, sequence of events, fault reports and I/O status. The HMI also features pre-programmed single-line diagrams for bay monitoring and control.

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