Dielectric Response Analyzer Offers Short Measuring Times

Aug. 20, 2007
Omicron has introduced DIRANA, the FDS-PDC Dielectric Response Analyzer

Omicron has introduced DIRANA, the FDS-PDC Dielectric Response Analyzer. Due to ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs, the power industry is forced to keep old power transformers in service as long as possible. The most important aging indicator is the water content in the cellulose. Water is an aging product and accelerates the further deterioration of cellulose through depolymerization. In addition, high water content in oil may cause bubble formation and lead to unexpected electrical breakdowns.

The analyzer provides:

  • Analysis of water content in oil paper insulations of power and instrument transformers
  • Diagnosis of OIP, RBP and RIP HV bushings
  • Diagnosis of generator and motor insulation
  • Diagnosis of cable insulation

Dirana offers short measuring times, which keep the switch-off time and measurement costs to an absolute minimum. The software also facilitates automatic determination of the water content, even without expert knowledge. It features an improved insulation model, as well.

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