Recording Ammeter Supports Underground Applications

Nov. 17, 2009
SensorLink Corp. has introduced a new underground recording ammeter.

SensorLink Corp. has introduced a new underground recording ammeter. Electric utility personnel can leave the Amcorder UG deployed beneath an elbow to sample the current every few seconds and record the average of the samples every few minutes. Multiple Amcorders can be synchronized to collect data from different phases at the same time for 30+ days. It easily attaches with a standard clamp style hot-stick. Once on the line, it immediately begins to collect and record the load.

The Amcorder UG uses the same sensor technology as the SensorLink Ampstik. The inductive sensor does not use magnetic materials and has no moving parts. The opening of the sensor is electronically closed and external currents are electronically rejected. The accuracy, external current reject, and range of currents measured by the patented amp sensor substantially exceed the performance of the best clamp-on sensors.

The Amcorder UG is equipped with an infrared port for communicating the recorded data into the user’s PC. The data is downloaded through SensorLink’s Softlink software. Softlink is a user-friendly software interface that allows the user to setup, download, view, graph and export data from the Amcorder UG. The data directly transfers from the Amcorder UG into Softlink through an Infrared to USB device.

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