Revenues Grow As SensorTran DTS Units Cover the Globe

Dec. 16, 2008
SensorTran has announced significant fiber optic-based DTS deployments in six key regions around the globe, spanning five continents.

SensorTran has announced significant fiber optic-based DTS deployments in six key regions around the globe, spanning five continents. This set of projects represents the core applications for DTS technology, including: downhole oil & gas, pipeline, LNG tank, and power cable monitoring solutions.

Over the last three years, SensorTran has introduced products such as PerfectVision multi laser DTS, comprehensive asset visualization and management software and an "active plug and play" capability. These technologies have led to an annual growth rate in revenue of 125% since being established as an independent company in 2006. Examples of SensorTran's global deployments include the following:


SensorTran has partnered with Austin Energy to retrofit a substation to monitor low voltage feeders from the switchgear to the riser. This is the industry's first low voltage power cable retrofit project and serves a critical role in dynamic load management, a key element in the implementation of the Smart Grid.


Gallmax, a local integrator, has deployed a SensorTran DTS system to monitor a new high-voltage power cable transmission line in Chile. SensorTran's team worked closely with Gallmax throughout this project to help install the fiber optic probe inside the new power cable. By using this system, Gallmax is able to accurately monitor electrical capacity by using actual temperature data, enabling optimal circuit management.


A major U.S. oil & gas services company deployed a high speed, high intensity SensorTran DTS system in a long reach horizontal well in the North Sea. The system is being used for flow analysis and to monitor water breakthrough. SensorTran's temperature measurement system provides never-before-available levels of resolution resulting in substantial savings for oil & gas operators who use the information to optimize production and fine tune their reservoir management strategy.


A major pipeline operator deployed a SensorTran system in Doha, Qatar, on a 7.5 km stretch of new gas pipeline for leak detection. SensorTran's DTS systems provide up to 40,000 readings along the complete length of the line -- identifying potential trouble spots to within a few feet. These systems can provide significant cost savings and environmental safeguards by providing immediate alerts at the first sign of a problem.


In the northwest region of Australia, SensorTran engineered a complete solution for use near a large offshore natural gas field, which primarily services Japanese utilities, for an LNG tank monitoring application. In this deployment, the DTS system is being used to monitor the tank, pipes, and heated base.


A major integrator has deployed a SensorTran DTS system on an offshore platform in Malaysia for production monitoring. SensorTran's marriage of highly reliable downhole cables and surface equipment offers substantial savings for offshore oil & gas operators who avoid costly alternative well diagnostics, unnecessary shutdowns and lost production.

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