Expanded WeatherSentry Helps Utility Operators Monitor, Respond to Severe Weather

April 7, 2009
DTN/Meteorlogix has announced new features included in MxVision WeatherSentry Utility Edition

DTN/Meteorlogix has new features included in MxVision WeatherSentry Utility Edition. Improved lightning detection and expanded mobile weather monitoring capabilities help utility operators monitor developing weather conditions in specific locations, helping operators anticipate potential outages due to severe weather and reduce service interruptions.

New enhancements to Lightning Manager help deliver lightning information to utility professionals to give them a more concise picture of anticipated lightning activity for their area to better protect and schedule crews. Upgraded animated lightning strikes are paired with real-time local radar to clearly indicate where severe storms are moving and whether lightning is intensifying or subsiding. This real-time lightning strike information is now available to utility operators in Canada, as well as the United States.

MxVision WeatherSentry Mobile users will discover additional radar zoom levels and increased panning functionality to clearly see where rain, ice and snow are falling, as well as storm directions and lightning strikes. The set up process for receiving mobile weather alerts also has been simplified. Users select their wireless provider and enter their cell phone number to begin to receive alerts on their phone.

Improved “portable” weather easily provides a clear picture of radar, forecast and lightning information needed to make informed decisions on the go. The new upgrades add to the collective power of MxVision WeatherSentry Utility Edition helping maintenance crews stay on top of the storm when on a job site.

MxVision WeatherSentry Utility Edition provides weather information for today’s challenges either by high-speed Internet, cell phone or satellite delivery. The service’s storm tracking function indicates the location of severe weather, it’s direction in the next 30 minutes and what time it will reach a particular area of interest, including details on the specific attributes of a particular cell – for example, hail, lightning or high winds.PrecipTimer indicates when light, moderate or heavy rain, ice or snow will start and stop. Alarms can be set for multiple locations providing advanced notice before storms strike. Lightning Manager monitors lightning strikes as they approach. An “all clear” notification also can be set up to indicate when danger has passed and work or play can resume. Alert Manager sends notifications when weather changes such as temperature, wind and other parameters including National Weather Service watches, warnings and advisories occur in a particular area.

Additionally, the professional package provides subscribers the ability to ask weather questions directly to an experienced meteorologist specializing in utility operations. The meteorologists can be accessed around the clock to help utility professionals make decisions based on personalized answers from professional forecasters.

Utility companies that are already benefiting from the enhancements to MxVision WeatherSentry include NSTAR Electric & Gas, Vestas Wind Systems and ISO New England.

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