Communications Protocol Analyzer Tests RS-232

July 31, 2006
Frontline Test Equipment has released Serialtest, a PC-based serial communications protocol analyzer

Frontline Test Equipment has released Serialtest, a PC-based serial communications protocol analyzer. In response to customer needs, Serialtest contains decoders for Modbus RTU and ASCII, Serial PPP, SLIP, TCP/IP as well as FrameDecoder for decoding proprietary or enhanced protocols. The consolidation of previous versions include the addition of asynchronous high speed capability (up to 921.6 kbps) and Spy mode, which allows a PC to monitor its own serial data communications internal device.

The time-tested Frame Display drills down to show errors in the finest detail. These errors are displayed in red to save hours of troubleshooting and frustration. Serialtest also allows the user to capture and view live data. This represents a quantum leap forward in value for serial data communication testing; the new Serialtest means that communication problems can be identified quickly and easily cutting expense and speeding the development of serial products.

"Frontline has been selling Serialtest for testing RS-232/422/485 serial communications since 1988 and after all these years, serial communication is still used in industrial setting such as conveyors, scales, switches and automatic teller machines," said Eric Kaplan, founder, Frontline. "Adding Modbus support will allow industrial facilities, water and wastewater facilities, municipalities and power facilities to use this powerful tool saving time and resources."

The synchronous version of Serialtest is also available but requires a ComProbe, serial interface device. This version supports Monosync, Bisync, HDLC, SDLC, X.25, SNA and Frame Relay.

Customers are able to download free Serialtest software upgrades for the one-year Premium Maintenance period. Existing users without premium maintenance can also upgrade to the new Serialtest for a small fee.

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