Two New AREVA T&D Factories Enhance China's Electrical Infrastructure

June 27, 2006
AREVA has announced the official opening of two new factories in Xiamen

AREVA has announced the official opening of two new factories in Xiamen.

Representing a combined investment of €10 million and 75 employees, the facilities highlight AREVA’s long-term commitment to modernizing China’s power grid and providing solutions to ensure a reliable flow of energy to Chinese industry and consumers. In recent years, the transmission of electricity has become increasingly important to sustaining China’s economic and industrial development.

The first factory, AREVA Vacuum Interrupter Co., is a joint venture between Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co. and AREVA T&D. The factory produces 10-40.5 kV vacuum switch tubes for use in high/medium voltage switches.

The second factory, AREVA Switchgear Co., is a wholly owned AREVA T&D company. The factory will produce medium-voltage circuit breakers.

The Xiamen facilities bring AREVA closer to its Chinese customers. They will leverage AREVA’s technology to create custom solutions for the national market. AREVA Vacuum Interrupter Co. will become AREVA T&D’s top medium-voltage switchgear component manufacturing center in the world.

Philippe Guillemot, chairman and CEO of AREVA T&D, commented: "These factories are our latest contribution to the Chinese market. Among other things, these factories will help China maintain its phenomenal pace of growth in a sustainable way. Our objective is to make AREVA T&D the industry benchmark.”

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