Telemetric Offers MODBUS Support, OTA Firmware Update Features for RTMs

Feb. 16, 2009
Telemetric has released Over-the-Air firmware updates and MODBUS protocol for its Remote Telemetry Module (RTM).

Telemetric has released Over-the-Air firmware updates and MODBUS protocol for its popular Remote Telemetry Module (RTM). The RTM is Telemetric’s intelligent telemetry device that enables powerful communication and control applications over existing digital cellular carriers such as AT&T. Thousands of RTMs are already in service at hundreds of electric utilities in North America facilitating Smart Grid applications. Unlike private radio networks that require large investments in communication infrastructure, Telemetric products communicate through existing commercial wireless networks delivering cost effective solutions capable of rapid deployment.

The new Over-the-Air update feature in the RTM extends existing remote configuration capabilities to now include remote firmware updates. This feature will allow customers and Telemetric support personnel to update RTM firmware over the digital cellular network using TCP/IP protocol and enabling new features or updates without user travel to field equipment.

The RTM-MODBUS works with Telemetric PowerVista software to deliver a complete hardware-network-software solution for remote control and SCADA applications. PowerVista is a powerful hosted application that allows users to control, view and manage their field equipment. The new MODBUS model of RTM supports the widely used MODBUS protocol, a popular protocol used in water, gas and electric utilities. RTM-MODBUS will allow customers to communicate and control any RTU, I/O or Intelligent Electronic Device that supports the MODBUS protocol and includes an integrated GSM/GPRS cellular module which connects over the North American wireless network using IP packets. With the RTM-MODBUS, a customer can have their remote control application up and running in minutes. Users are notified of events through various methods, including text messaging, e-mail, pager, SCADA or Energy Management systems, or with a standard web browser using Telemetric PowerVista. The Over-the-Air update and RTM-MODBUS are scheduled for availability in summer 2009.

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