GE Energy Announces Latest Version Of Its Automatic Voltage Control

Dec. 3, 2007
GE Energy has introduced the SQ-300i automatic voltage control, the completely redesigned AVC for electrostatic precipitators

GE Energy has introduced the SQ-300i automatic voltage control (AVC), the completely redesigned AVC for electrostatic precipitators.

The SQ-300i, like the original SQ-300, serves as the "heartbeat" of the electrostatic precipitator control system, using a proprietary spark response algorithm to control the delivery of electrical power to discharge electrodes by controlling power input to a transformer rectifier.

The redesigned SQ-300i incorporates the following new features:

  • Faster, more reliable communication network that results in better spark recognition and control that can enable ESPs to function more efficiently
  • Onboard five trace oscilloscope allows for triggering of events such as sparking, which means the automatic voltage control cabinet can stay closed, supporting promoting the safety of personnel
  • The ability to import and consolidate key information to a Windows-based application simplifying maintenance, performance and troubleshooting
  • An optional full-color touchscreen operator interface, which can be connected to one or multiple controllers provides quick system access that is easy to use for at-a-glance system monitoring
  • The cost-effective design is simple to configure and flexible enough to build the system to be as elaborate or as simple as needed
  • It can store up to a week's worth of data using onboard storage data.

Preceding SQ versions will continue to be supported through service and replacement parts.

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