PCore Adds Test Terminal Calculator to Website

Sept. 4, 2007
PCORE Electric Company, Inc. has added a new tool to its customer-service website features.

PCORE Electric Company, Inc. has added a new tool to its customer-service website features. The Test Terminal Calculator will allow customers the opportunity to input their own power factor testing costs and frequency in order to see for themselves the savings they may realize by installing PCORE Test Terminals on every bushing within their typical substation.

The PCORE Test Terminal functions as an electrical switch permanently connected in series between the power bus and the equipment to be tested, eliminating the need to physically remove the power bus during testing. After de-energizing the power bus, substation personnel need only loosen a total of eight captive bolts on the test terminal allowing the terminal’s blades to swing out into an open position. With the blades open, the power bus is grounded and the equipment is isolated and ready to be tested.

The test terminal provides users with increased safety, reduced risk of equipment damage, and minimal equipment downtime while employing a faster, easier testing method.

Test terminals are currently available in their original copper construction and four styles of aluminum construction, which provide the same convenience as copper models but do so at a weight that is as much as 55% less, depending on the specific part number.

“In addition to the important non-monetary benefits of the test terminal, there are significant dollar savings that may be realized through their installation”, said PCORE’s VP of Marketing and Sales Mark Sommer. “However, we realize that different companies have different testing costs and schedules, both of which can affect the amount of their expected savings over the lifespan of the terminal. Therefore, instead of PCORE trying to estimate how much customers can save…we’ve decided to let each user input their own information and receive a more individualized analysis.”

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