Thermal Imaging Camera has Remote-Controlled Base

Dec. 1, 2009
Larson Electronics' has introduced the RCL-336 remote-controlled, pan tilt style, thermal imaging camera

Larson Electronics' has introduced the RCL-336 remote controlled, pan tilt style, thermal imaging camera. By incorporating a high-resolution Flir camera into an established remote-controlled spotlight chassis, the RCL-336 enables operators to scan plant and equipment for thermal energy hot spots that indicate potential problems from inside their vehicles.

A small Flir infrared thermal imaging camera is imbedded in remote-controlled pan tilt base system that enables the operator to position the camera's field of view with 360 degrees of rotation and 140 degrees of tilt. The motor control for the pan tilt camera base includes four directional buttons, fast and slow movement control and basic on and off functionality. The remote controls include radio-based handheld and dash-mount controllers and a hard-wired dash mount controller. The remote-controlled, motorized pan tilt thermal imaging camera can be permanently or magnetically mounted and passes information to a 6-inch black and white monitor.

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