FLIR Introduces New IR Camera Control and Analysis Software

Jan. 15, 2008
FLIR Systems has released ThermoVision ExaminIR software.

FLIR Systems has released ThermoVision ExaminIR software. This powerful yet easy-to-use software tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems. ExaminIR provides thermographic analysis and control functions for FLIR SC series infrared (IR) cameras.

ExaminIR software performs real-time image analysis and provides playback features to open and analyze image sequences stored on a FLIR camera or PC. The software also features an extensive set of thermal analysis and measurement tools including spot, line, and area measurements. In addition, a new image segmentation tool provides quick designation of complex regions of interest for precise data analysis. For the cooled ThermoVision SC series cameras, ExaminIR supports preset sequencing and superframing for analysis of scenes with large temperature differences or targets with rapid thermal dynamics.

ExaminIR provides an array of thermographic plotting capabilities including line profiles, histograms, and temporal plots for any of the analysis and measurement tools. Data from ExaminIR plots can be exported graphically or as CSV files for reporting and analysis in other software programs. In addition, ExaminIR supports user and factory calibration with data analysis in units of counts, radiance, or temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Rankine, or Kelvin).

ExaminIR supports multiple data recording options including burst mode acquisitions to RAM and acquisition to a hard drive for longer sequences at slower frame rates. Users can easily set recording options such as setting record start times, end times, and the number of frames.

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