Telemetric Adds GSM/GPRS to Monitoring Equipment

Oct. 15, 2007
Telemetric Corp. has added GSM/GPRS models to its MicroRTU, capacitor bank control and voltage monitoring products.

Telemetric Corp. has added GSM/GPRS models to its MicroRTU, capacitor bank control and voltage monitoring products. The new products are based upon three years of successful deployments of Telemetric Remote Telemetry Modules (RTMs) on GSM/GPRS and complete the offering of this technology on all Telemetric products. These products leverage Telemetric’s alliance with AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular) to deliver fast and cost-effective IP-based data communications throughout North America. Telemetric products allow electric utility customers to monitor, control and report changes automatically via Telemetric’s PowerVista applications or integrate directly to SCADA, Energy Management Systems, or other systems. Electric utilities throughout the United States and Canada have deployed Telemetric products to monitor and control distribution equipment and meters.

The GSM/GPRS units can be installed anywhere AT&T/Cingular (or roaming partners) service is available.

The new GSM/GPRS units are suitable for any application from low data rate alarm/exception reporting up to applications requiring frequent communications and large amounts of data. Telemetric offers a range of flexible data service plans to meet any application.

“The introduction of the GSM/GPRS models demonstrates Telemetric’s commitment to providing customers with the latest digital cellular technology for their communications and control applications. In addition, Telemetric provides a flexible and seamless transition from previous technology” said Joe Bowen, Telemetric’s Chief Technology Officer.

Unlike private radio networks that require large investments in communications infrastructure, the Telemetric devices communicate through the commercial wireless network, delivering cost-effective solutions that can be rapidly deployed with no infrastructure investment. Users can be notified of events via text message, e-mail or pager and the information can be delivered to their SCADA or Energy Management system. They may also view and manage their device information on their own secure account using the PowerVista applications with a standard web browser.

Unlike simple modem-based solutions, Telemetric products combine Intelligent Remote Devices with the state-of-the-art AT&T digital network to provide powerful applications that are efficient and cost effective.

One of the key features of Telemetric devices is intelligent report by exception giving customers the ability to always have current information available while minimizing data traffic:

  • User defined exception events programmed into the devices constantly monitor for status changes and transfer only exception events over the wireless system,
  • Users can set time scheduled reports to transmit from the devices on selected time intervals, e.g. transfer analog load data from a distribution switch every 15 minutes,
  • Immediate updates are available upon request via SCADA or the PowerVista hosted applications.

Intelligent report by exception allows for efficient data transfer, which makes for more rapid communications and cost-effective data plan charges.

Telemetric products offering GSM/GPRS models now include:

  • Remote Telemetry Module (RTM) – for communication/control of DNP 3.0 equipment and meters
  • T646 MicroRTU – integrated communications and RTU for discrete I/O applications such as switches
  • Telemetric Voltage Monitors – Single and three phase
  • TC012 Capacitor Control – integrated communications for switching and monitoring capacitor banks

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