Structural Analysis Software for Utility Poles

March 14, 2011
Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. has released O-Calc Pro structural analysis software for utility poles.

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. has released O-Calc Pro structural analysis software for utility poles. This new version of O-Calc, an application for pole analysis, features significant enhancements and new built-in tools that allow users to more quickly and accurately perform comprehensive pole loading calculations related to joint use, equipment or line upgrades, pole replacement, and system hardening.

O-Calc Pro is the result of more than a decade of experience and continued program development. The program is designed to simplify and automate the process for calculating structural loads on new and existing utility poles. O-Calc Pro enables detailed calculations according to all pertinent codes (NESC, GO 95, CSA, and ANSI 05.1) that analyze poles and attachments subjected to wind and ice loads, tension on cables and conductors, and existing conditions such as leaning poles.

The powerful new user interface features a catalog-driven design and a live, interactive 3-D model. The drag-and-drop functionality allows users to quickly build pole models using equipment and assemblies stored in the customizable catalog. New reporting features allow users to generate customized reports and charts that present information in a format suitable for their individual needs. Other enhancements include the addition of a strength reduction calculator, a dynamic tension and sag calculator, and state-of-the-art Digital Measurement Technology (DMT).

Osmose Digital Measurement Technology is an image-based measurement tool that allows users to accurately measure attachment heights, wire diameters and other general dimensions. DMT uses an advanced photogrammetry engine to quickly produce accurate measurements which are applied directly to the pole model. DMT is designed to improve the accuracy of the analysis by eliminating the need for assumptions regarding pole setting depth, attachment heights, conductor and cable diameters, and clearances. DMT provides results that can be reviewed and confirmed without additional field visits, reducing or even eliminating the expense and effort of subsequent trips to the field.

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