S&C's Coordinaide System Receives Major Upgrade

Aug. 18, 2008
S&C has announced a major enhancement to Coordinaide, The S&C Protection and Coordination Assistant.

S&C has announce a major enhancement to Coordinaide, The S&C Protection and Coordination Assistant.

The company has added a 50/60-Hz “radio” button to the General Information screen.

It has also added the IntelliRupter PulseCloser as a protective device. The user can now plot TCC curves for IntelliRupter — up to 20 different curves for a given protection profile and direction — to visually confirm selectivity with both upstream and downstream protective devices. Once you’ve selected the IntelliRupter TCC curves, you can save the curve parameters to a SetPoints Group File for uploading into the IntelliRupter control. SetPoint Group Files can also be downloaded from the control and opened by Coordinaide.

The revision of the TripSaver Dropout Recloser application addes TCC curves for the new 30K rating (both 50 and 60 Hz), plus updated TCC curves for the 50K and 100K ratings (both 50 and 60 Hz).

The revision of the Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear application to add “E” Speed TCC curves in ratings 250E through 400E, and also new low-set instantaneous TCC settings for both main and tap TCC curves.

S&C has revised the recloser application to allow specification of control tolerances in terms of both time and current. Further, for microprocessor-based recloser controls, the following curve attributes have been added: time multiplier, time adder, minimum-inverse response time, and high-current trip.

It has also revised the relayed circuit breaker application to allow specification of relay tolerances in terms of both time and current. This new feature replaces the “rule-of-thumb” Coordination Time Interval (CTI) . . . a tolerance expressed in terms of time only.

It has the time displayed (in cycles) on the right-hand side of the TCC plot.

To launch Coordinaide, simply click the appropriate link on whatever page of the S&C website you happen to be visiting. A Coordinaide link appears in the “Support” section of the home page. Additional links appear on applicable product pages (e.g., Type XS Fuse Cutouts, Positrol Fuse Links, etc.). These links are on the left-hand side of the page in the “Helpful Links” section, immediately above the “TCC Curves” link.

Upon clicking one of these links, you’ll be directed to Coordinaide’s opening page. It contains a brief description of the protection applications that Coordinaide is designed to handle. If you launch the program you will be directed to a second page that contains a short “Conditions of Use” disclaimer. It’s followed by a short note detailing the minimum web browser requirements and a link to a the “Coordinaide User’s Guide.” Once you have read and agreed to accept the Conditions of Use, one final click will launch the program.

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