TVSS Module Provide Equipment Integration Capabilities

April 12, 2007
Raycap Inc. has developed a 40 mm version of the Strikesorb module that can be easily integrated inside OEM equipment, panelboards, cabinets, and switchgear equipment.

Raycap Inc. has developed a 40-mm version of the Strikesorb module that can be easily integrated inside OEM equipment, panelboards, cabinets, and switchgear equipment. The Strikesorb’s fuseless design enables direct installation on busbars on the load side of a circuit breaker, eliminating the need to install additional interconnection wires or circuit breakers or fuses. Housed in a 2.5-inch diameter, 3.72-inch height hermetic aluminum package, the 40-mm Strikesorb module meets the stringent requirements of the UL 1449 - 2nd edition - safety standard.

“The 40mm Strikesorb module’s small size and fuseless design makes it ideal for integration into equipment that requires protection against damage-causing transient surges,” said Matt Hemphill Raycap’s engineering manager for North America.“Due to the recent sweeping changes in the UL 1449 standard, most TVSS and SPD systems are losing their UL certification. Under the provisions of the National Electrical Code (NEC), a TVSS device may not be installed if it is not UL-listed.System integrators, specification engineers, infrastructure contractors and OEMs must be careful that they are using appropriate UL Listed devices.”

The Strikesorb module is the only UL-recognized surge protection device (SPD) that has been fully tested to the complete testing procedure as defined by the revised UL 1449 standard. Equipment that includes the 40-mm Strikesorb module does not need further UL 1449 testing to meet UL listing requirements, saving integrators and panel manufacturers time and money.In addition, Strikesorb modules have passed 3-cycle testing at available short circuit currents of up to 100,000 A rms. This allows them to be directly installed behind circuit breakers of any rating and ability to interrupt short circuit currents up to 100,000 A rms.

The 40-mm Strikesorb module can withstand repeated surges to provide uninterrupted protection from surge currents of up to 140 kA and can meet the new UL 1449 2nd edition requirements without resorting to the use of internal fuses or thermal disconnects.

The Strikesorb module comprises a single 40-mm diameter distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) disc that provides uniform distribution of the surge current over the total area of the MOV protection element. This results in a high-energy handling capability combined with ultra-low let-through voltage to the protected equipment. The Strikesorb’s unique monolithic design provides a straight electrical path to its large single disc of distribution-grade varistor material, unlike other TVSS systems that employ arrays of conventional MOV components with 90° angled lead wires to each varistor. The absence of lead wires and internal disconnect mechanisms gives the Strikesorb extremely low contact resistance. The Strikesorb module also exhibits low clamping voltage and can be directly connected on the power bus bars inside the cabinet of the equipment after the main circuit breaker.

The 40mm module can be integrated inside systems or within Raycap’s Rayvoss stand-alone TVSS system. The Rayvoss system can use the Strikesorb suppression module in a variety of configurations and operating voltages including single-phase, split-phase, three-phase wye and three-phase delta configurations with voltages that range from 120 V to 600 V, respectively.

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