SmartSynch Launches GridRouter Smart Grid Communications Solution

Dec. 15, 2009
SmartSynch, Inc. has launched the GridRouter, a universal smart grid communications solution

SmartSynch, Inc. has launched the GridRouter, a universal smart grid communications solution. With the GridRouter, utilities can seamlessly communicate with every possible device on the smart grid regardless of make, model or communications protocol.

Designed on the principles of openness and interoperability, the IP-enabled GridRouter is a universal, interchangeable and remotely upgradable solution. Specifically, the GridRouter:

  • Provides a point-to-point smart grid communications platform that can facilitate data transfer to any smart grid device on any network (public or private)
  • Can be managed by standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) network IT management tools that most utilities already implement
  • Functions like any other network appliance on an IP network, such as a PC or copy machine
  • Offers a standard, open platform that allows multiple companies to provide value to the customer as part of an 'ecosystem of innovation'
  • Is field-upgradable—allowing utilities to add multiple communication technologies to their smart grid communications infrastructure based on future needs without having to replace an entire system backbone

Currently, utilities have no choice but to purchase and integrate non-interoperable proprietary technologies from multiple vendors that have purpose-built network communications. The GridRouter bridges the network gap between these types of devices and allows each vendor to participate in an open ecosystem, and helps utilities avoid being locked into one specific technology or device.

SmartSynch CEO Stephen Johnston said the smart grid industry should not view the GridRouter as a competitive product, but rather a solution engineered specifically to allow utilities to exercise choice over plug-in devices and grid assets from different vendors into their overall smart grid infrastructure. "It allows reclosers from Schweitzer and Cooper to be part of the same smart grid network along with meters from Echelon and other providers." he said. "The GridRouter actually transforms competition into collaboration and facilitates an ecosystem of innovation in which multiple companies can provide value to utilities."

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