TVSS Power Event Monitor Diagnoses Distribution Systems

Aug. 15, 2006
Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced the launch of the newest addition to its Innovative Technology transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) product line, the Eaton TVSS Power Event Monitor.

Eaton Corporation has added the Eaton TVSS Power Event Monitor to its Innovative Technology transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) product line. While the transient voltage surge suppressor protects the electrical distribution system from harmful transient voltages, the Power Event Monitor notifies the facility personnel of where and when such surges occur. The Power Event Monitor helps users gauge and monitor power surges, whether onsite or remotely via Ethernet capabilities, so corrective actions can be taken.

The monitor is integrated into TVSS devices without increasing the size of the footprint. Mounted on the door inside the TVSS, the monitor continuously monitors the system while recording and storing power quality disturbances. These records help facility managers pinpoint the source of harmful power events and decide whether or not to take corrective measures. The monitor’s sophisticated diagnostic capabilities allow technicians to determine optimal conditions for the operation of particular systems.

The monitor collects real-time data for up to 5000 events and provides immediate notification. Event data, complete with date and time stamp, can be sent via Modbus to individuals on site, at a remote data center, or to a laptop computer. By using Ethernet capabilities, technicians can instantly access all monitoring and event data by using Power Event Monitor software. This software enables users to readily access all information gathered by the monitor, regardless of the user’s location. Consequently, whether you are in the facility or at home, all data collected by the Power Event Monitor can be accessed immediately.

The monitor is engineered to operate efficiently amid harsh conditions. It has been field tested and is suitable for conditions such as marine offshore environments, remote pumping stations, communication tower sites, highly secure military applications, manufacturing and process plants and for operation on system voltage configurations from 120 to 600 VAC. The Power Event Monitor is available as a value-added upgrade to new Innovative Technology TVSS products from the factory.

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