Digital Meters Support Power Quality Application

Oct. 1, 2007
Eaton Corp. has introduced an extension to its IQ 200 family of digital meters, the IQ 250 and 260.

Eaton Corp. has introduced an extension to its IQ 200 family of digital meters, the IQ 250 and 260. Ideal for utility and commercial metering applications, these devices are designed with the future in mind to capture real-time information on changes in power conditions to help energy and power quality managers combat the affects of power anomalies within an electrical distribution system.

As a first line of defense against costly power problems, the IQ 250 and 260 can monitor energy usage or power quality for a building, a section of a building or a single load. These meters are designed to perform the work of an entire wall of legacy metering equipment and are easily installed in machine control panels such as panel board and switchboard mains and feeders; low-voltage, metal-enclosed switchgear feeders; and motor control centers.

"We designed the IQ 250 and 260 meters to be prepared for the future, meaning they are designed to accommodate currently available technologies as well as anticipated innovations," said Dwayne McGrody, Eaton product manager. "The new IQ meters save time, money and valuable real estate for our customers and enable meter installations beyond traditional panel boards into higher-level applications further upstream in power distribution systems."

The IQ 250 and 260 meters easily integrate into Eaton's Power Xpert Architecture. The Power Xpert Architecture is a Web-based solution for measuring, monitoring, connecting and managing power systems. With advanced communication capabilities, the meters deliver a comprehensive view of all power, communications and management systems via Modbus and are accessible through existing Ethernet networks with Web-based reporting using Eaton's Power Xpert Gateway.

The IQ 250 and 260 meters also allow for sub-metering implementations, such as a high-rise condominium or shopping mall where individual tenants are billed for their energy consumption. Both devices support ANSI C12.20 standards for revenue metering capabilities and ensure accuracy of 0.2 percent.

Eaton's complete line of IQ 200 digital meters perform the work of a broad assortment of legacy power metering devices, and deliver a wealth of accurate, real-time power management information in a single location. IQ 200 meters can be deployed to monitor an individual load or as a cost-saving, space-saving alternative to multiple ammeters, voltmeters, ammeter and voltmeter switches, watt-meters, var-meters, power factor meters, frequency meters, watt-hours and demand meters.

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