Mentor Engineering Enhances Over-the-Air Programming Software

Jan. 20, 2009
Mentor Engineering, Inc. has enhanced its XMobile Manager software.

Mentor Engineering, Inc. has enhanced its XMobile Manager software. XMM remotely programs, updates, and manages the software programs running on in-vehicle computer, Mentor Ranger. It also keeps track of the software version while each vehicle is operating.

"When upgrading XMM, the focus was on enhancing the features of the software for existing users, and improving its usability among managers of very large fleets," says Pat Dewis, software development lead at Mentor Engineering. "XMM can now deliver larger software update packages at faster speeds to as many as 1000 vehicles at a time."

XMM’s new features allow users to:

  • Run XMM on multiple computers simultaneously. More than one person can now interact with devices in the fleet at the same time. Device issues can be diagnosed quickly, getting drivers back on the road.
  • Stagger data transfers to a large group of mobile devices. This frees network bandwidth and lets users specify transfer start and end times.
  • Remotely browse and automatically download new log files from one or multiple devices. Users can obtain log files whether or not the vehicle is turned on or in the coverage area.
  • Remotely retrieve a visual image of what is displayed on the in-vehicle computer, helping technicians easily assess and eliminate device issues.
  • Configure XMM to send package transfers over a specific network. If a mobile device uses both a free WiFi and pay-per-month cellular network, the package can be sent over the WiFi network, reducing costs.
  • Remotely view the mobile devices’ current memory, status information, list of files and file properties, giving users a transparent view of devices.
  • Remotely retrieve files from mobile devices.
  • Remotely reset mobile devices.
  • Configure user security permissions. This is ideal for companies with Help Desk employees who perform diagnostic functions on mobile devices but are restricted from updating the devices’ software.

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