Siemens to Deliver Power System Control for Russian Extra-High Voltage Power System

July 31, 2006
Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution is to supply state-of-the-art power system control to equip Russia’s extra-high voltage power system

Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD) is to supply state-of-the-art power system control to equip Russia’s extra-high voltage power system. In this way, the System Operator-Central Dispatching Office for Unified Energy System of Russia (SO-CDU UES) is responding to the requirements of the deregulated Russian energy market. The new Siemens system will replace the existing systems and will add new functions.The use of the new system guarantees higher operating reliability of all equipment, a reduction of overall network losses and improved utilization of power plant capacity. The order has a value of about 80 million euros; commissioning is planned for the middle to end of 2008.

Russia is not only the world’s largest country in terms of surface area. It also has one of the largest and most complex power networks in the world with correspondingly high requirements as regards data volume and the efficiency of the power system control. The complete system for the Russian 220-kV and 500-kV extra-high voltage system to be delivered by Siemens consists of the central power system control center in Moscow and seven supraregional control centers distributed across the whole of Russia. Two of these supraregional control centers are configured as backup control centers for the central power system control center.

The power system control, which is based on the latest Advanced-PowerCC architecture, provides the necessary SCADA/EMS/EMM functions for real-time monitoring of the entire extra-high voltage network. Furthermore, the system provides all interfaces and programs for data exchange with the operator of the power trading system and all other market players such as distribution companies, producers and qualified users.

The system operates with open standards such as the IEC 61970 standard for the CIM data model and the relevant program interfaces and with IEC 60870-5 and IEC 60870-6 for communication and data exchange with other systems. In this new project for Russia all data relating to the extra-high voltage network will also be gathered centrally in the internationally standardized CIM format for the first time. These standards create the basis for expansions such as are to be expected in an increasingly deregulated energy market. Siemens is making allowance for the specific requirements of the Russian market model for the deregulated energy market with energy management functions (EMS) and energy market management functions (EMM) matched specifically to the stipulations of the Russian market regulations.

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