FlashGard Motor Control Center Addresses Arc Flash Dangers

March 19, 2007
Eaton Corporation has introduced the FlashGard Low Voltage Motor Control Center (MCC) to address the dangers associated with arc flash events.

Eaton Corporation has introduced the FlashGard Low-Voltage Motor Control Center (MCC) to address the dangers associated with arc flash events. FlashGard offers features that help prevent injuries from electric shock, arc-flash burns and arc-blasts.

To better enhance electrical safety, Eaton combined key safety features from various electrical industry products, including:

  • Arc flash prevention
  • Reduction of the time-available fault current
  • Maintaining a closed door whenever possible
  • Removing dangerous voltages from the unit

“These features will allow for safe access into the unit without exposure to the main bus voltage,” said Bill VanLandingham, Eaton business unit manager, Power Distribution & Control Assemblies.“They’ll also reduce the personal protective equipment required to complete routine maintenance and better protect operators from the hazards of an arc-flash event.”

FlashGard offers an insulated horizontal bus, an insulated labyrinth vertical bus, shutters to isolate the vertical bus when a unit is removed and finger-safe components inside the units. To reduce the time-available fault current, FlashGard offers an ARC reduction maintenance switch. It also provides an applied breaker to reduce trip time during an arc flash.

Maintaining a closed-door unit is instrumental in mitigating an arc event. FlashGard offers disconnect units from the vertical bus with the door closed and an optional remote operated racking device. An operator may advance and retract the stabs from a distance of up to 25 feet. FlashGard also includes an unrestrictive racking mechanism to prevent overtorquing and an interlock to prevent removal of buckets while the stabs are engaged on the vertical bus.

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