Telemetric Adds Remote Configuration of IED’s Equipped with RTMs

May 6, 2008
Telemetric Corp. has released its Remote Telemetry Module (RTM).

Telemetric Corp. has released a new IED Config feature for its Remote Telemetry Module (RTM). This feature allows Telemetric users to remotely change settings and retrieve event logs on Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) used for equipment such as reclosers, switches, capacitor banks and voltage regulators using the manufacturer’s standard configuration software. This feature works on the nationwide AT&T cellular network.

In addition users can manage and change the RTM configuration using IED Config. The new feature will enhance the productivity of distribution engineers by eliminating many site visits to obtain event information or make a routine setting change. The new feature can be added to any Telemetric RTM in operation by updating the firmware in the unit.

This new feature leverages Telemetric’s alliance with AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular) to deliver fast and cost-effective IP-based data communications throughout North America. Telemetric RTM units can be installed anywhere AT&T (or roaming partners) service is available. Telemetric products allow electric utility customers to monitor, control and report changes automatically via Telemetric’s PowerVista applications or integrate directly to SCADA, Energy Management Systems, or other systems. The new feature has been tested with a number of manufacturers' configuration software and IEDs.

The IED Config software supports the manufacturer’s own configuration software by using IP tunneling technology over the digital cellular network. Thus, electric utility engineers or technicicans can use the same familiar software that they use when connecting directly to a device in the field. Security features of the system include the use of a VPN connection, user name and password, multi-factor authentication and data encryption.

Unlike private radio networks that require large investments in communications infrastructure, the Telemetric devices communicate through the commercial wireless network, delivering cost-effective solutions that can be rapidly deployed with no infrastructure investment. Users can be notified of events via text message, e-mail or pager and the information can be delivered to their SCADA or Energy Management system. They may also view and manage their device information on their own secure account using Telemetric’s PowerVista applications with a standard web browser. Unlike simple modem-based solutions, Telemetric products combine Intelligent Remote Devices with the state-of-the-art AT&T digital network to provide powerful applications that are efficient and cost effective.

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