SmartSignal Introduces Predictive-Diagnostics Software to Energy Industry

Feb. 2, 2010
SmartSignal Corp. has introduced SmartSignal SHIELD, a predictive-diagnostic software

SmartSignal Corp. has introduced SHIELD, a predictive-diagnostic software. Using SHIELD, users in power can now have a complete understanding of the status of their equipment—what is going to fail, what is the apparent cause of the failure, and what is the priority of the failure, according to SmartSignal.

SmartSignal SHIELD uses shared blind data from SmartSignal customers—a large base of predictive-diagnostic intelligence. After analyzing the data—from hundreds of millions of machine hours and tens of thousands of failures—SmartSignal was able to identify the fault patterns, in context of operating behavior, that are important to the power industry, and incorporate them into the new program.

With SHIELD, SmartSignal customers now can focus their efforts on action, not analysis—reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability, availability, efficiency, and compliance.

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