Monitor Delivers Cost-Effective Transformer Condition Identification, Alert System

March 19, 2006
Serveron Corporation has introduced the Transformer Monitor Model TM3, the latest addition to the Serveron series of on-line transformer monitors

Serveron Corporation has introducrd the Serveron Transformer Monitor Model TM3, the latest addition to the Serveron series of on-line transformer monitors. The Model TM3 complements the Model TM8, a high performance on-line DGA transformer monitor. The Model TM3 is a next-generation system that offers accurate, repeatable on-line transformer oil dissolved gas analysis (DGA) of three critical fault gases as well as oil temperature, ambient temperature and moisture in oil measurements all correlated with transformer load. It provides the diagnostic information electric utilities need to maintain the reliability of their transformer fleet.

Prior to the availability of the Serveron Transformer Monitor Model TM3, on-line monitoring was focused on only the most critical transformers in the grid. There are many other transformers in electric utility fleets that merit on-line monitoring but the investment required couldn’t be justified--until now. This monitor delivers a cost-effective transformer condition identification and alert system.

The Model TM3 offers legitimate identification of the most critical transformer fault types. These critical fault types--partial discharge, arcing and thermal faults--can develop in a short period of time and lead to transformer failure.

“The Serveron Transformer Monitor Model TM3 brings the benefits of on-line DGA transformer monitoring to a whole new segment of our customers’ transformer fleet”, said Bart Tichelman, Serveron’s CEO. “Reliability is a key measure for utilities. On-line monitoring helps avoid unplanned failures, lowers maintenance costs and extends the life of the transformer while deferring capital expenditures”.

The Serveron Monitoring Service completes the solution by automatically plotting the Model TM3’s on-line DGA data into the Duval Triangle diagnostic tool. The combination of on-line DGA data populating diagnostic tools provides unprecedented insight into fault development and diagnosis. The Serveron Monitoring Service provides the convenience of secure 24x7 access and analysis of information collected by Serveron’s monitor products. The combination of Serveron’s instruments and monitoring service ensures that utilities have easy integration of the monitors and immediate, constant access by critical personnel to vital information about their assets.

The monitor offers a suite of software tools to download, analyze and display the information where and when it is needed. A variety of communication interfaces and protocols facilitates integration into existing utility systems.

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