ABB Demos Smart Grid Technologies at New York ISO Symposium

May 5, 2009
ABB discussed and demonstrated many of its advanced technologies and equipment suited for smart grids at the New York Independent System Operator (ISO)’s Symposium.

ABB discussed and demonstrated many of its advanced technologies and equipment ideally suited for smart grids, at the New York Independent System Operator (ISO)’s Symposium.

“ABB has a long history of working closely with our customers to innovate and provide equipment and systems for the power grid infrastructure, and our research team continues to create breakthroughs that will greatly increase its efficiency and reliability for years to come,” said Gary Rackliffe, ABB vice president of Smart Grid development. “We’re looking forward to sharing our vision, innovations and a sound business case for making investments in grid modernization with government officials and industry leaders at the New York ISO Symposium.”

Much of ABB’s success with smart grid-related innovations is due to unwavering support of technology and product development by the company's U.S. Corporate Research Center, based in Raleigh, N.C., and led by Dr. Le Tang. ABB has also created a new Smart Grid advisory committee dedicated specifically to smart grid-related technology issues.

ABB will demonstrate some of its cutting-edge technology designed to modernize today’s power grid with greater efficiency, reliability and intelligence. These demonstrations include:

  • Advanced power systems such as Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS), for renewable power integration and increased transmission capacity reliability and stability, and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), providing efficient long-distance transmissions for overhead, underground and undersea routes
  • ABB’s “amorphous metal distribution transformer,” an environmentally-friendly, high-tech transformer with low losses, high efficiency and BIOTEMP, a superior natural ester fluid made out of sunflower seeds
  • Substation automation and feeder restoration technology utilizing open global IEC 61850 standards for applications in utilities, industries, solar and wind farms
  • Energy storage battery applications like the one ABB installed in conjunction with Long Island Power Authority
  • A control center-based Feeder Restoration demo, where the Feeder Automation products are integrated together with the Outage Management System
  • Advanced integrated network management EMS/SCADA, Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and Outage Management Systems (OMS)
A "Smart Grid" denotes a power system with integrated automation/IT applications supporting the whole supply chain from production to consumption, based on an infrastructure of enabling communications, sensors, smart meters and controllable power devices. This annual event, organized by the New York ISO, featured Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman Jon Wellinghoff as its keynote speaker.The theme of this year’s event was, “Foundation to the Future: Infrastructure, Innovation, Investment.”

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