Device Monitors Transformer Cooling

June 27, 2006
T-HUB from Advanced Power Technology is a monitoring and data collection device for power transformers and other large substation apparatus

T-HUB from Advanced Power Technologies is a monitoring and data collection device for power transformers and other large substation apparatus. It monitors up to two banks of fans or pumps and reports if the cooling stages are running correctly.

An optional fan exerciser is available for daily, weekly, or monthly fan exercising. An optional annunciator feature is available that permits local annunciation and alarming of 12 optically isolated inputs. An optional DNP3.0 communications port is available to permit remote monitoring of the 12 optically isolated inputs along with fan or pump currents and the monitor's status information

  • Monitors condition of motors driving fans
  • Uses a small split-core CT (provided) to monitor current
  • Contains up to six current measurement channels.
  • Each with a range of 0-50 A
  • Two voltage input channels to monitor if cooling is commanded.
  • Each channel operates from 24 VAC/VDC to 230 VAC or 160 VDC.
  • Each current measurement channel operates a timed over and under current set point.
  • Two timed alarm relays with form C dry contacts.
  • One for each stage Optional 12 optically isolated inputs, each with its own seal-in target.
  • Binary point conditions reported through optional DNP or MODBUS interface.
  • Three sealed-in targets for each stage:
    --Over Current with Cooling Command.
    --Under Current with Cooling Command.
    --Current with no Cooling Command Targets flash if problem is momentary.
  • Targets double-flash if problem, then no problem, then problem occurs again.
  • Downloadable events log.
  • Optional daily, weekly, monthly fan exerciser DNP3.0 level 1 or MODBUS connectivity through an RS-485 interface.
  • Settings through RS-232.
  • Uses terminal emulation software already on your PC. No special software required.
  • Universal Power Supply. Operates from 38 to 160 VDC or 120 VAC.

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