S&C OffersCustom Factory Acceptance Testing for IntelliTeam

June 2, 2009
Factory acceptance testing of a customer's S&C IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System will confirm that it performs as intended under realistic scenarios simulated for its specific distribution system.

Factory acceptance testing of a customer's S&C IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System will confirm that it performs as intended under realistic scenarios simulated for its specific distribution system. This testing is performed at S&C’s Chicago Headquarters, in a newly constructed facility known as the “IntelliLAB.” IntelliLAB provides a modern training room environment and can seat up to 16 participants.

What is Factory Acceptance Testing?

Factory acceptance testing is a comprehensive analysis of an IntelliTEAM II System comprising 5800 Series Automatic Switch Controls, IntelliRupter PulseCloser IntelliTEAM II Control Groups, and/or Universal Interface Modules, as applicable. The testing is performed using software running on actual control platforms, operating on a live communication network.

Participants will see first-hand how IntelliTEAM II responds on a model of their specific system. The testing not only serves as proof-of-concept for the participants, it provides invaluable training for them. It also increases their understanding of how IntelliTEAM II works. Experience has shown that far less effort will be required to commission the IntelliTEAM II system when staff has participated in factory acceptance testing of the system.

The IntelliTEAM II Test System

The test system runs IntelliTEAM II software on up to 48 control platforms at a time: 16 5800 Series Automatic Switch Controls, 16 IntelliRupter PulseClosers, and 16 Universal Interface Modules. The control platforms are connected to a host computer that provides the necessary input-output simulations.

Four of the Universal Interface Modules can be connected directly to third-party controls or relays to confirm interoperability with the modules. Devices that have demonstrated such interoperability include:

  • SEL-351S Protection and Breaker Control Relay,
  • SEL-351R Recloser Control,
  • SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control,
  • Cooper Form 6 Recloser Control, and
  • ABB DPU2000 Relay.

An SEL-351S Protection and Breaker Control Relay, an SEL-351R Recloser Control, and a Cooper Form 6 Recloser Control are available for use in the test system. A live network of S&C SpeedNet Radios or UtiliNet Radios is also available for use in the test system. Radios of other manufacture and fiberoptic communication can be accommodated, pending determination of their suitability by S&C.

Work Performed Prior to Arrival of Participants

Using information that customers furnish, an S&C application engineer will generate a single-line diagram of the system and configure each device in IntelliTEAM Designer software. The Application Engineer will then perform comprehensive simulations of the IntelliTEAM II system, including:

  • A loss-of-voltage event for each source,
  • A fault event in each team,
  • A limited number of second-contingency events.

The application engineer will work to develop the most meaningful scenarios demonstrating documented system performance requirements, and to select the events to be simulated while the participants are present.

See example single-line diagram.

Work Performed With Participants Present

This portion of the testing typically takes two days and simulates approximately 10 events. Participants will receive a report at the beginning of the testing containing the following:

  • A detailed account of the events to be performed during the testing,
  • A summary of the events performed prior to their visit, and
  • Any relevant DNP information.

The actions of every device during the testing will be recorded in an event log file. The staff will be able to replay event results whenever desired, with the software operating in “Instant Replay” mode. Instant Replay can be run in real time or slowed to proceed step-by-step. Approximately two weeks after the test, S&C will deliver a copy of the Instant Replay files on CD-ROM.

Required Information

To perform this testing, customers will need to provide S&C with certain information, including:

  • The types and quantities of each device to be included in the testing,
  • If Universal Interface Modules are involved, specification of the third-party device(s) to be integrated into the system,
  • Substation breaker data, including overcurrent pickup levels and relay timer settings,
  • Available fault currents at switching locations (or information which will allow S&C to calculate these values),
  • Any substation capacity limitations, conductor loading limitations, or system operating rule limitations,
  • A written description of the desired system functionality,
  • A single-line diagram of the circuits on which IntelliTEAM II will be applied, and
  • Completed IntelliTEAM II settings sheets.

Device Settings

The majority of problems with new IntelliTEAM II systems are related to user-entered device settings. So it is extremely important that S&C be informed of these settings prior to performing the factory acceptance testing. If desired, S&C can determine the appropriate device settings.

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