Software Enables Intelligent Electrical Substation Design

Sept. 1, 2009
Bentley Systems has released Bentley Substation V8i, an intra-operable software product for intelligent electrical and physical substation design.

Bentley Systems has released Bentley Substation V8i, an intra-operable software product for intelligent electrical and physical substation design. The software provides:

  • Intelligent substation information models that allow distributed users
    to work efficiently with federated data in a single environment;
  • A complete set of substation engineering and design tools
    available with a common graphical user interface, making the software
    easy to learn;
  • Integration with the ProjectWise system for connecting people and
    information to facilitate engineering content management and team
    collaboration in support of streamlined workflows.

Bentley Substation delivers intelligent infrastructure for substations by supporting all of the key components and requirements of an electric substation - from physical layout to electrical schematics for protection and control, grounding grid, lightning protection, panel layout, and control house and lighting design. In addition, it intra-operates with Bentley's broad portfolio of software offerings, including civil engineering for site design and selection and architectural design for building modeling.

Bentley Substation V8i combines electrical design with full 3D modeling. The electrical design tools deliver integrated intelligent drawing and automatic report generation to quickly and easily create electrical schematics, cable and wiring routes, and panel layouts. The 3D modeling, coupled with the software's built-in grounding grid layout and wire sag algorithms, empowers users to optimize substation site layout and minimize on-site problems by dealing with clearances, interferences, and other potential construction issues early in the project lifecycle.

By replacing traditional 2D CAD, paper-based workflows, and disparate collections of software with the advanced 2D and 3D integrated tools built into Bentley Substation, project teams can reduce substation electrical system design time by more than 30 percent. As a result, organizations can do more work with fewer people, all while saving money and improving project quality.

Bentley Substation also features a comprehensive database that includes more than 2 million up-to-date electrical parts. Having immediate access to this extensive repository of parts data helps engineers quickly generate accurate bills of materials for both electrical and physical design work and enables organizations to implement parts standardization, further enhancing quality and reducing costs.

To help overcome the challenges associated with locating new substations in communities, Bentley Substation also provides full 3D modeling integrated with terrain models and advanced visualization tools. This makes it easy to communicate design intent to stakeholders and expedites early acceptance, reducing business risks and speeding regulatory approvals.

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