Wireless Encrypting Transceivers Improve Safety, Reduce Costs

March 17, 2006
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has announced the SEL-3022 Wireless Encrypting Transceiver

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) has announced the SEL-3022 Wireless Encrypting Transceiver.

Concerns about the security of wireless communications have led some organizations to adopt policies prohibiting wireless data links. SEL-3022 Wireless Encrypting Transceivers address those concerns by supplementing standard wireless communication security protocols (i.e., WEP) with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved 128-bit AES encryption and HMAC SHA-1 message authentication algorithms. The SEL-3022 allows the user to securely apply wireless communications links between a portable computer and remote devices.

SEL Encrypted Serial Port Software is included to encrypt serial-port data and send it to a remote SEL-3022, using the PC’s standard wireless Ethernet interface. Apply the SEL-3022 to lock out cyberintruders, improve personnel safety, protect equipment, and increase physical security.

These secure wireless links improve safety by enabling personnel to operate breakers, valves, reclosers, gates, and other equipment while they remain outside of hazardous areas or in a vehicle. They can avoid hazards from blowing debris, extreme heat and cold, traffic, crowds, freezing rain, ice, snow, floods, animals, arc flash, electrical conductors, and more. Remote links protect equipment by allowing you to keep doors closed on outside equipment enclosures and control houses to prevent contamination by blowing dust and debris, precipitation, insects, and hot, humid, or cold air. This also minimizes wear on door seals at cold temperatures.

Remote access improves site security by keeping doors and gates locked and eliminating opportunities for intruders to gain access by following or coercing service personnel. This also reduces the number of physical keys that need to be in circulation by granting only wireless access as appropriate. Remote access allows installation of control boxes and other equipment out of the reach of vandals or other intruders.

SEL-3022 Wireless Encrypting Transceivers can save time and money by avoiding the use of protective barriers, signs, traffic diversion cones, or arc-flash protective clothing. Users can eliminate delays of security screening, arranging for escorts, or special access permission to monitor equipment located in secure areas controlled by others at airports, government facilities, and secure industrial and commercial locations.

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