S.D. Myers Launches Transformer Maintenance Curriculum

June 16, 2009
S.D. Myers, Inc. is launching a new, user-friendly online training curriculum, “Principles of Transformer Maintenance.”

S.D. Myers, Inc. is launching a new, user-friendly online training curriculum, “Principles of Transformer Maintenance”. Thousands of participants have decided that knowledge means power when it comes to power system maintenance. Offered through the Transformer Maintenance Institute (TMI) division, this 10-course program provides the participant with the necessary knowledge to build and reinforce practical knowledge and proven implementation for transformer maintenance. This program covers a range of topics to give the participant a solid foundation in electrical concepts, solid insulation, transformer oils, moisture in transformers, dissolved gas analysis, furanic compounds, and interpreting test results which aids in preventing unplanned power outages. Patterned after our live training courses, a participant can now advance in understanding anytime, anywhere.

As organizations manage costs and time efficiencies, this online program can aid in both. TMI Online is the economical means to the development of staff, benefiting both the individual and the organization. Since 1975, TMI has been training engineers, plant managers, service crews, anyone responsible for the reliability of a power system. TMI’s training has been demanded from a broad spectrum of industries, from utilities and industrial plants to insurance companies. Each course includes an instructor video, easy to follow presentation media, a downloadable workbook and certificates of completion. Each course duration is 30 to 45 minutes, and each course cost is $49. If the participant purchases the entire 10-course program up front as a bundle, the cost is $399.Chuck Baker, director of TMI stated, “We have seen our participants grow in confidence and competence. This benefits both the individual and the organization they work for.”

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