UPS Supports Branch Circuit Protection in Retail Environments

Nov. 3, 2008
Chloride offers its ONEAC brand ONePlus Series Power Conditioned UPS.

Point-of-Sale equipment, ATMs, and kiosks are subject to costly failures often traced to power disruptions. To help combat this growing problem, Chloride offers its ONEAC brand ONePlus Series Power Conditioned UPS. Compact and affordable, it delivers a high-performance power conditioning system integrated with well-engineered battery backup protection to assure maximum uptime of sensitive electronics in retail environments, as well as those deployed in datacom and telecommunications networks.

The ONePlus line spans from 250 VA to 1000 VA and operates in 120 V, 60 Hz or 230 V 50/60 Hz environments. Each unit features ONEGround technology to protect equipment against ground skew problems.

The ONePlus's isolation transformer eliminates power contaminants, limiting let-through to less than one-half Volt in Common-mode (N-G) and less than 10 Volts in Normal-mode (LN). Line-interactive topology and true sine wave output ensures clean, reliable power. Voltage regulation with buck and boost technology compensates for line sags and brown-outs while conserving batteries.

Incorporating low-impedance power conditioning and Virtual Kelvin Ground, the ONePlus creates the "ONEAC Portable Dedicated Line." Unlike conventional dedicated lines, this simple plug and play installation and portability means no upfront installation costs for running dedicated isolated ground circuits and no future dedicated circuit due to moves or remodels.

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