Sensortran Unveils New Distributed Monitoring Software

Dec. 3, 2007
SensorTran Inc. has announced the availability of DTS Enterprise IS, a software suite that provides the a comprehensive, enterprise-ready software system for DTS.

SensorTran Inc. has announced the availability of DTS Enterprise IS, a software suite that provides a comprehensive, enterprise-ready software system for DTS.

DTS equipment is attached to optical fibers to take temperature measurements of energy assets such as oil wells, pipelines, power cables, and storage tanks/vessels. The SensorTran DTS Enterprise IS software works in conjunction with the company’s product line of SensorTran DTS 5100 hardware to provide complete system setup, data storage, data sharing/communication, interpretation, and visualization for technicians and corporate personnel. These capabilities offer operators and integrators a single solution for the display and analysis of DTS data, even on separate clients within the corporate infrastructure.

“DTS has been a wonderful tool for monitoring, protecting, and optimizing energy assets, but without intuitive interfaces and useful measurement outputs, it is relegated to a niche technology for a small group of scientists,” said Kent Kalar, CEO of SensorTran. “With the DTS Enterprise IS software suite, SensorTran delivers critical DTS measurements in a way that anyone in an energy company can access and understand the results, and take the necessary actions.”

As a key component of the SensorTran DTS Enterprise IS software, SensorTran has developed advanced software visualization packages for a wide range of specific assets. These packages present temperature and alarm information to operators in a clear, precise, and intuitive manner. In addition to displaying real-time trace data, these interfaces enable data viewing over time in addition to distance and temperature, by way of historical playback functionality.

The SensorTran DTS Enterprise IS software suite contains the following products:

  • SensorTran DTS Commander – Eases DTS setup and configuration by enabling users to set zones and alarms and record temperature trace measurements over time, and also includes a simple dashboard for viewing data in a standard temperature trace over time.
  • SensorTran AssetViewer – Graphically and dynamically depicts temperature variations in various assets such as oil wells, storage tanks, pipelines, and power cables to help users visualize asset measurement. This product offers easy drag and drop functionality for fully customizable views and analysis tools that show averaging, thresholding, and standard deviation of various assets. As an optional feature of this tool, the SensorTran AssetViewer Developer Kit provides APIs and libraries that enable integrators to customize the SensorTran AssetViewer for specific customer implementations.
  • SensorTran DataWarehouse – Enables data sharing across the enterprise in a typical “hub & spoke” model, wherein multiple DTS systems can provide temperature data to a central storage database, and client-side AssetViewer installations can view that data. This product improves efficiency and control of DTS data by allowing enterprise users to access data remotely and simply, while limiting access to approved users.

The SensorTran DTS 5100 family of products has a high signal-to-noise ratio, which together with its advanced data processing techniques provide fast measurement speeds.

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