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arc arrestor

Arc Arrestor Technology Developed Due to Low Ceilings

Arc arrestor technology to be displayed at booth at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Expo

Grimard's arc arrestor technology is the result of more than five years of R&D and more than 15 arc-resistant tests in a high-power laboratory. The product was initially developed to answer a primary need for Northern Canadian microgrid areas where ceilings inside shelters were low and ducting to the outside was not allowable, due to past condensation problems.

Features include:

  • Only 12 inches (300 mm) of ceiling clearance required
  • Energy absorber combined with a labyrinth effect reduce the temperature and speed before safely exhausting gases within the room
  • No civil work for ducting to exterior

Safety features include:

  • Engineered and completely tested according to IEEE C37.20.7
  • No more air-blast shock wave on building surface
  • No more risk of condensation and water drip inside switchgear associated to gas ducting to exterior in cold winter areas
  • No more risk of catastrophic failure to open due to ice build-up on the outdoor cover

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