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Remote Disconnect/Reconnect Available for Cellnet AMR customers

BLP and Cellnet Technology, Inc. have announced the availability of a new remote disconnect/reconnect solution for users of the Cellnet AMR system. This new solution gives utilities using Cellnet AMR technology the ability to perform remote disconnects/reconnects using the BLP X-Pulse remote disconnect device. This disconnect/reconnect functionality has been integrated into the Cellnet UtilityDataLink (UDL) AMR Web portal, which also provides additional features such as verification and site monitoring.

Any Cellnet AMR point can be easily and quickly upgraded to include an X-Pulse remote disconnect device because the X-Pulse field device has a plug-and-play design that requires no meter or Cellnet AMR module change once the X-Pulse collar is inserted.

With the integration, authorized users will be able to use UDL to control the disconnect/reconnect, arming, and the latest current limiting functions of the X-Pulse device. The programmable current limit function allows the utility to restrict the electrical load to a residential service, which is suitable for installations where there are seasonal restrictions on disconnection due to weather conditions.

The integration of these two technologies not only offers the most cost-effective means of achieving the remote disconnect and reconnect functionality for existing Cellnet customers but also ensures a quick and easy startup process to all the utility to take full advantage of the new system benefits as soon as product is installed in the field.

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