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M2M Technology Provides Utilities with Automated Monitoring and Data Collection

Sprint has announced agreements with Metrum Technologies and Tollgrade Communications, Inc. that will help electric utilities improve the efficiency of distribution and management systems. Metrum’s line of smart meters is now available with Sprint wireless connectivity. Tollgrade will offer medium-voltage sensors with Sprint wireless connectivity by June 2012. The sensors provide fault detection and location, asset management, load monitoring and power quality information for utilities in urban and rural locations.

Both companies will use the Sprint M2M Command Center, a Web-based portal that will give Metrum and Tollgrade the ability to securely manage, activate and de-activate each smart grid device. In addition, they can suspend service, run usage reports and set alerts on how much data each module is operating, without ever having to call Sprint directly.

Additionally, both Metrum and Tollgrade have completed Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management (DM) certification, allowing utilities to manage assets and infrastructure, ideally suited for large-scale deployments. This method of “over the air” management and activation enables a rapid configuration processes and efficient use of the wireless network.

Nextel Direct Connect is evolving to the next generation of push–to-talk service. Sprint Direct Connect is packed with broadband data capabilities, familiar push-to-talk features, rugged and reliable handsets. Plus, Sprint Direct Connect interoperates with legacy Nextel Direct Connect devices and talk groups.

Sprint’s 3G data network and enhanced push-to-talk platform will deliver instant calls and support data applications. Sprint’s broadband speeds will enable customers to experience applications such as enterprise business productivity applications, social and multimedia support, and even advanced push-to-X capabilities in the future.

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