SDG&E Receives Two Awards For Outstanding Reliability, Grid Sustainability

Dec. 18, 2023
SDG&E developed two battery storage sites to bolster grid reliability and community resilience during summers.

San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) has received two awards, Outstanding Reliability Performance in the West Region Metropolitan Service Area (also known as the "Best in the West") and Outstanding Grid Sustainability, from PA Consulting.

Few SDG&E's programs and projects which contributed to its recognition include:

  • SDG&E has implemented a comprehensive and robust wildfire risk mitigation program in the industry.
  • SDG&E improved its Wildfire Next Generation System (WiNGS), a data-driven tool leveraging AI to model climate scenarios and recommend grid hardening initiatives to help prevent utility-related wildfires and reduce the likelihood and duration of a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).
  • SDG&E deployed an advanced weather network with 221 weather stations, cameras equipped with AI to detect smoke, air quality sensors and technology measuring moisture content in vegetation.
  • Construction of renewable microgrids to keep communities and critical facilities energized during a PSPS while promoting sustainability.
  • SDG&E developed The Path to Net Zero, an actionable roadmap recommending a diversified approach to decarbonization utilizing cleaner electricity, cleaner fuels and carbon removal to help achieve California's greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.
  • SDG&E has developed a set of cleaner energy solutions, including two battery storage sites, to bolster grid reliability and community resilience during summers by lessening the strain on the larger energy grid.

This is the 18th consecutive year that SDG&E received PA Consulting's ReliabilityOne Award for Outstanding Reliability Performance among utilities in the west region.


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